End of Summer Interview

I have been very lax in posting over the summer because we've been traveling so much and had the kidlets with us.  So, I thought I'd get back into the swing of things with an interview and promo for my fabulous friend, Elizabeth Mahon, and her equally fabulous book!

I'm so proud of Elizabeth and her amazing book and I had a chance to chat with her about it:

Tell us about your latest release SCANDALOUS WOMEN.

First up, thanks so much for having me Marley! SCANDALOUS WOMEN is about the lives and loves of some of history’s most notorious women. The book examines the lives of about 35 women from Ancient Times to the 20th century. Everyone from Queens, mistresses, artists, and crusaders are in the book. Some women people will recognize such as Cleopatra and Anne Boleyn, but there are several women who are less familiar to the general public like Carry Nation and Ida Wells-Barnett. Although the book was written for an adult audience, I think that teenage girls will find it really interesting.

SCANDALOUS WOMEN started out as a blog, how did you go about turning your blog into a book?

It was actually my friends who encouraged me to turn SCANDALOUS WOMEN into a book. I had no plans when I first started the blog, and it wasn't until I was laid off by my day job that I actually sat down and figured out how to write a non-fiction book proposal. I was shocked when the first agent I sent the proposal to asked to represent me. And then when we sold the book, I was over the moon. Then came the hard work of deciding who was going to be in the book and who wasn't. Even though I had written about some of these women on the blog, I went back and did more research and extensively rewrote those chapters. They are much different than what I had initially written. Then it was a matter of trimming each chapter down to about 7 pages, which was hard believe me, but I had a word count and I tried not to go over it. I only had seven months to write and research the book, so I couldn't read as many biographies as I wanted which was hard.

If you could switch places with one of your scandalous woman, who would it be?

You know that’s a really hard question! Hands down, it’s a tossup between Anne Boleyn and Emma Hamilton. I loved that Emma came from nothing and ended up the wife not only to the Ambassador to Naples but was also loved by one of England’s greatest heroes, Lord Nelson. She used the one commodity that she had which was her beauty but she also worked to improve herself, she learned French and Italian, singing and became a great friend to Maria Carolina, the Queen of Naples. Not bad for a girl born dirt poor near Wales. And Anne Boleyn, she’s always been my favorite wife of Henry VIII. She managed to keep him entranced for over ten years, and she gave birth to arguably England’s greatest Queen, Elizabeth I. Oh, and Henry VIII broke with the Church of Rome, becoming Head of the Church of England.

I knew it would be someone British!  LOL!  Which SCANDALOUS WOMEN has surprised you the most?

Josephine Baker was one of the women that I was fascinated by. I had no idea until I started researching her that she had been involved with the Resistance and worked as a spy during WWII, nor did I know about her Civil Rights work during the 1950's. I just thought of her as a dancer who wore a banana skirt.

You’ve written about Royalty extensively on SCANDALOUS WOMEN, what did you think of the Royal Wedding?

I thought it was romantic and amazingly intimate for a wedding that had 1,900 guests and was watched by billions of people around the world. Kate looked elegant and classic, very reminiscent of Grace Kelly’s dress in 1956. Twenty years from now, when people look at that dress, it will not be dated. I was lucky enough to be in London when Prince Charles married Diana, and it was a totally different atmosphere this time around. For one thing, William and Kate looked like two people deeply in love on their wedding day, instead of two strangers who had no idea what they were getting in to. Of course, one of my favorite Scandalous Women, Sarah, Duchess of York was not there. Given the fashion sense of her two daughters Princess Eugenie and Beatrice, the mind boggles at what she might have worn.

I agree!  I heard the princesses did that to protest their mother not being invited to the wedding.  They certainly were memorable!  So, where can readers learn more about you?

Readers can find me at my blog Scandalous Women which is http://scandalouswoman.blogspot.com

Okay...what are you waiting for...go get Elizabeth's book now!  Thanks for joining me and I wish you amazing success with this book...and many more!

Marley = )

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