Foodie Friday: Buffalo Wings

Back in my college days at The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I was introduced to and fell in love with the Buffalo chicken wing.  Okay...they were invented in Buffalo, New York, but we all know buffalos don't have wings! college (85-89, yes, I'm old, deal with it), we used to frequent a dive hole in the wall on the University Boulevard "Strip" as we called it...a slice of culinary heaven known as Wings and Things.  This place was the bomb.  They'd deliver anywhere on campus.  They were cheap.  And they were delicious!!!  Wings, curly fries, bleu cheese dressing and celery. 

I wish I had a photograph of the old place, but is no more.  It was owned by Bob Baumhower of Bama and Miami Dolphin fame (part of the Killer Bees) and now it's a franchised restaurant throughout the state as just Baumhower's.  Sadly, they're not as good in the fancy restaurant as they were in the mid-80s in the greasy hole in the wall.

I never thought I'd ever, ever, ever find chicken wings of the same caliber as Wings and Things in my college days.  The die-hard foodie in me tried restaurants in Washington, DC, northern Virginia, Baltimore, Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio...none of them offered me anything like I got in Tuscaloosa.

Until I moved home to Boston...and had a flyer slipped in my mailbox one day to call 617.783.BIRD.  What?  What, what, what?  Yes...a place called Wing It.  Chicken wings.  I had to give them a try. 

They did not fail me in 1993.  And they did not fail me today.

Wing It rocks!  They're the closest thing to the original Wings and Things that I've found.  They offer wings in a variety of sauce flavors, they're inexpensive, will deliver, and they're quick.

We visited them today and were NOT disappointed, once again.  My Wing It single (with fries, celery and bleu cheese) was just what I needed on a Friday afternoon.  Finger licking delicious with a roll of paper towels on the table to anything left behind.

If you're in Boston and have a hankering for the best chicken wings you'll find in the northeast, give Wing It a visit!

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