What’s your pleasure?

I've been thinking lately about how much I want a massage. Sure, my boyfriend does an amazing job rubbing my feet and I'm ever so appreciative, but to lay on the table for 50-80 minutes to get a full body massage, is there anything better?

Come to think of it, getting a pedicure is almost as heavenly. The place around the corner has this amazing chair that both warms, vibrates, and massages as you're getting your feet tended to.

A manicure's pretty nice, as well. Although, there's not so much attention to the rest of you as you place your fingers in the soapy dish and have your cuticles pushed, snipped, and filed.

And have you seen this new technique where you put your feet in water and these little fish nibble off the dead skin of your feet? It's sounds a little...eww...but fascinating at the same time.

I even have a video of it! Check it out:

So, what's your pleasure? What's the ultimate relaxation and pampering for you?

Marley = )

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