Thanks so much for visiting my website! I love hearing from readers and fans and I hope that my site here will answer any question you may have about me and my writing.

Please check out my blog while you're here and leave a comment.  Also,  read up on my bio to learn more about me.

Are you a librarian or teacher who's looking to have an author come speak to your students?  I'd love to do an author visit!  Contact me for details!

I've got events coming up all the time, so I hope to see you while I'm on the road.

For the media, you can find my bio and official headshot.  And be sure to click on the links to my Twitter and Facebook accounts.  You'll want to keep up with me there, as well.

There's an FAQ that might answer some of your general questions, but if not, please contact me!  I love hearing from fans!

Love ya, mean it!
Marley = )

3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Allison Erbach

    Just wondering if you plan to continue the ghost huntress series? If so, when? Did you write any other ficition or supernatural stories? If so, what were they called?

  2. admin

    Post author

    Hi Allison...

    I have a couple more books that I would like to put out in the GHOST HUNTRESS series. I have been delayed with it due to my father's extended illness all of last year and his passing away in March of 2014. I will be getting back into putting out more books, but in the meantime, you can see everything that I've written - young adult, new adult, contemporary romance, women's fiction, and non-fiction, by either going to Amazon.com and inputting my name (Marley Gibson) or visiting my website, http://www.marleygibson.com.

    Thanks again!

  3. MK

    i absolutely love your ghost huntress books... im obsessed! i also LOVE your s101 books...your secrets safe with me. Do you think you would ever write any books related to ghost huntresses about patrick?

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